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SAFe Agile Software Engineering (Exam included) - virtual training

The discipline of software engineering has evolved over the past decades with
the introduction of Lean-Agile and DevOps principles and practices. New skills and
approaches help organizations deliver software-centric solutions faster, more predictably,
and with higher quality. During this three-day, workshop-oriented course, attendees learn
the foundational principles and practices that make up the Agile Software Engineering

SAFe DevOps (Exam included) - virtual training

To compete in a disruptive global market, every organization needs to deliver valuable
technology solutions at the speed of business. This requires a shared DevOps mindset
among all the people needed to define, build, test, deploy, and release software-driven
systems — not just the engineers operating a CI/CD pipeline.
The two-day, interactive SAFe® DevOps course helps people across technical, nontechnical,
and leadership roles work together to optimize their value stream from end
to end. Attendees will learn what DevOps is, why it is important to every role, and
design a continuous delivery pipeline that is tailored to their business. Attendees work
in cross-functional teams to map their current state value stream from concept to cash,
identify major bottlenecks to flow, and build an actionable implementation plan that will
accelerate the benefits of DevOps in their organization.

SAFe Product Owner Product Manager (Exam included) - virtual training

for your team. In this training, you set out to learn about Lean thinking, breaking down
epics into features and stories and how to drive increments towards continuous delivery.
You’ll get an overview of the Lean-Agile mindset, and an understanding of how the
Product Owner and Product Manager roles operate in the enterprise to drive the delivery
of the Agile Release Train (ART). Finally, you will get an in-depth understanding of the
specific activities, tools, and mechanics used to effectively deliver value to the enterprise.

SAFe Scrum Master (Exam included) - virtual training

As a scrum master you are a servant leader, facilitator and coach for an agile team. During
this 2 day training, you will learn what this means when applying it in a SAFe context.
You will learn how SAFe scrum masters implement and support the SAFe principles and
practices and how they facilitate SAFe events on both the Team and Program level.
SAFe scrum masters coach their teams in scrumXP and SAFe and assist the team in
picking the best practices from a variety of methodologies (scrum, Kanban, XP, …).
They foster relentless improvement, innovation and flow to achieve the sustainably
shortest lead-time and the highest business value delivery while maintaining high quality