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Making a successful transition to teleworking

A balance of work "with flexibility and rigour" to develop greater job satisfaction.
What is teleworking and what are the tasks and activities that I will gain from teleworking? What are the benefits? And what about other tasks, activities and contingencies?
In collaboration with Teampower.


Remote manager

The evolution of companies leads to new management practices when its teams are geographically dispersed, are required to communicate with new technologies or operate in cross-functional projects.
Remote management requires adapted modes of organisation and communication. The challenge is to continue to federate, promote cohesion and allow exchanges. This distance management training provides you with the tools to succeed in this challenge. In collaboration with Teampower.


The human in the digital transformation

We are currently going through an unpredictable and turbulent period with many changes for which we are not always well prepared. Digital work is becoming the way of life for all generations, how can we prepare everyone for this? In collaboration with Teampower.


Digital transition, driving change

This course will enable you to better support the transformation of an organisation
towards the digital enterprise. You will discover the new digital tools that accelerate
change and move the lines between IT, HR and Business. It will also show you how
controlling the human impact of these changes is essential to the success of your


Manager: supporting your team in a crisis situation

The aim of this training is to enable you to acquire the tools and the appropriate
behaviour to manage each phase of a crisis and uncertainty situation effectively and
humanely. You will also learn how to prevent and anticipate crisis situations by assessing
threats and risks.


Collaborative work, new practices in the digital age

This overview course will enable you to understand the challenges of collaborative work
at all levels of the company. It will give you a precise vision of the uses, methods and
technological solutions that can be envisaged in terms of collaboration, as well as their
implementation in the Information System.