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Remote manager

The evolution of companies leads to new management practices when its teams are geographically dispersed, are required to communicate with new technologies or operate in cross-functional projects. Remote management requires adapted modes of organisation and communication. The challenge is to continue to federate, promote cohesion and allow exchanges. This distance management training provides you with the tools to succeed in this challenge. In collaboration with Teampower.

At the end of the training, P&MS will be able to :
  • Understand their managerial positioning with regard to the specificities of distance working
  • Identify their current practices and the levers of action to manage a team remotely.
  • Set up operating rules, specific tools and information and communication relays adapted to a remote team
  • Managing and monitoring individual and collective performance using dashboards
  • Training to communicate better at a distance with your interlocutors
  • Building delegation contracts that encourage employee autonomy

Directors and department heads