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Git is a popular Open Source Distributed Version Control System. This training teaches the attendees how to use Git. As part of the training you will master the various aspects of Git architecture, how to do commits, design a Git workflow, branching and merging in Git, dealing with conflicts, merging strategies and more through hands-on projects and case studies.

Jenkins CI

Jenkins CI is a popular open source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CD) tool. This Jenkins training covers the fundamentals of setting up and getting going with your CI/CD project. Through hands-on exercises, you'll practice how to setup Jenkins environment and Build Jobs. You will also learn how to deploy, install and monitor several tools associated with Jenkins.


GitLab CI is a software as service for managing the software continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), monitoring and security. This GitLab training covers the fundamentals of setting up and using Gitlab for version control and CI/CD. By the end of this training, participants will be able to configure GitLab CI-driven pipelines and use GitLab to speed up release cycles and improve quality.

Kubernetes fundamentals

This training helps to get started with Kubernetes. It is designed for beginners who have no previous experience with container orchestration or cloud technologies. The course gives an understanding of the Kubernetes cloud-native platform and then describes its structure. The course includes many Hands-on labs that teach how to deploy and configure applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Terraform is a popular infrastructure as code that supports multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and many more. This course covers Terraform basics as well as advanced concepts like modules and state files. Participants will implement Terraform to deploy infrastructure in a consistent and repeatable manner across the AWS Cloud service.


Ansible is a popular Software Configuration Management tool. This training course is designed to get you up and running with the Ansible essentials quickly. Through a set of guided hands-on labs, you will learn how to install and configure Ansible and how to create and run playbooks to configure systems.


This course provides essential foundational knowledge for Docker and containerization. It covers all the fundamentals of Docker including containers, Dockerfiles, volumes management, networking, and more. You will learn how to build and use containers on a Docker platform through a hands-on approach with use cases.