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LEAN IT Foundation (Exam included)

Customers expect to receive always more, production cycles get shorter and prices are based on the value perceived by the customers. Continual improvement is therefore essential for an organization in order to sustain its viability. Our training “Continual Process Improvement based on LEAN” will explore the many tools that LEAN has been offering over the last 50 years. The training enables participants to efficiently develop improvement projects using the DMAIC approach. The LEAN tools are applicable in many organizations, from engineering companies to IT or service organizations. Participants will develop their knowledge and expertise in order to select relevant improvement initiatives and lead actionable improvement projects.

At the end of the training, participants will:

  • Understand the LEAN principles
  • Be able to identify and address the 7 types of wastes
  • Understand the value of customer demand driving production
  • Be able to develop an improvement project based on the DMAIC approach
  • Know when and how to apply the lean tools: VoC, 5S, Kanban, Kaizen, Takt, VSM, TVM, Process maps, Poka Yoke, Pareto, Ishikawa, Kano, QFD, Gemba, Total Maintenance, SMED, …

Project and Programme Managers involved in process improvement projects.

Information and Business Analysts or Architects.

Excellence Center managers or Quality Center managers.

Process owners.