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Dreamweaver CC - Level 1

Adobe Dreamweaver (latest version) Level 1 : Website Development is a 3-day course which provides web designers the skills to create, design, manage edit and publish professional websites. Students leave this class with the comprehensive abilities to build, incorporate graphics, set up interactivity and publish their websites....

Learn how to create a basic website well-structured using CSS and other web standards, use the tools necessary to create and maintain your site.

Course Structure

  • Start-up
  • The Dreamweaver interface
  • Control of the site
  • Creating Documents
  • Adding text and structure
  • foundations CSS
  • control Typography
  • Working with Images
  • Photoshop integration
  • Creating links
  • Last controlling with CSS
  • Working with Tables
  • Building models
  • Using Flash and Video
  • Coding in Dreamweaver
  • Site management
  • Referencing

Anyone who wants to create or maintain websites well-structured according to web standards.

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