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Nogotiating like a pro

We developed a method that unites the 2 most important negotiation strategies: price and interest negotiation. You gain insight into the most important facets of the negotiation process. You learn to stretch the negotiating bandwidth, far beyond the limit of price negotiation.

Practical insights and strategies tailored to complex cases  

What is the best way to negotiate? On the basis of power, or with respect? Straight to the point, or understanding? Strategic or open? Win-win or win-lose?

An interactive training course that will enable experienced negotiators to grow!

You derive a great deal of satisfaction from negotiating complex cases, but you have the idea that you could do even better.

Blinc Sales Institute developed a method that unites the two most important negotiation strategies: negotiations based on price, and negotiations based on interest. You will gain insight into the most important facets of the negotiation process. You will learn to stretch your negotiation bandwidth to far beyond the boundaries of price negotiation.

You will gain specific techniques thanks to which you can enrich your personal negotiation style and will come to understand that negotiation does not need to be an or-or process, but an and-and process. At the end of the workshop you will know which approach works best in which negotiation situation. You will develop a healthy dose of assertiveness in price negotiations and will know precisely when to change tack in terms of strategy.


Salespersons and entrepreneurs who wish to leave the negotiating table with a more positive feeling and better results on the basis of greater insight into a diversity of negotiating situations and personalized techniques.