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Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is the application that enables you to capture your notes on any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet). This course teaches you how to organise your notes, how to benefit from the editor features, how to build lists, share notes or integrate them with other Office tools.

OneNote 2013 is the ultimate application of choice to capture and structure your notes on
laptops, desktops or tablet PCs. OneNote helps you to bring everything together in an orderly way,
in order to quickly find your important information and manage it efficiently.
Did you know that you can also link your meetings in Outlook to OneNote? And that you can link
your presentations to your OneNote notes?
You will discover that the real power of OneNote lies in its integration with other applications (both inside and outside Microsoft Office).

This course is aimed for people taking notes during meetings and has a wish to improve the

organization of these notes.

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