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My SQL Learning Subscription

The MySQL Learning Subscription includes everything you need to get the most from your MySQL installations. MySQL is the world's most popular open-source database. It includes InnoDB, making it a fully integrated, transaction-safe, ACID-compliant database. In addition, MySQL Replication allows you to deliver high performance and scalable applications.

MySQL Cluster is the distributed database combining linear scalability and high availability. It provides in-memory, real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed datasets. It is designed for mission critical applications.

Learn MySQL through Online, Expert-led Training Courses

MySQL experts, consultants, engineers, and support technicians lead Oracle University training courses within this subscription, drawing upon years of experience, best practices, and established guidelines. The MySQL Learning Subscription includes content all MySQL professionals need to know:

  • The layout of an installed server
  • Client and server executables and their options
  • Running and evaluating queries
  • Database design and structure
  • Securing MySQL with privileges and roles

Deep dive into specialist training modules that help you develop a deep understanding of administration, development, security, and high availability.

  • MySQL administrators
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Database administrators
  • Database architects
  • Developers
  • IT managers
  • Security administrators
  • Web administrators
  • Data scientists
  • Database developers
  • NoSQL developers

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Java Learning Subscription

Program in Java using Java SE 8 and Java SE 11, the long-term support releases, and most widely used versions of Java SE.
Program using Java EE 7, which is the platform for enterprise Java applications.
Use the module system to design applications with explicit dependencies and encapsulation at the JAR level, ensuring more reliable configuration, improved security, and enhanced performance.
Make your code more readable and succinct using convenience methods.
Test code snippets and APIs using JShell.
Use Java Persistence and Java Transaction APIs, create a flexible component model using EJB and CDI technology, provide Timer, Concurrency and Batch services, and create SOAP and REST web services.
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Implement best practices for writing Java code.
Leverage product enhancements soon after each product release.
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