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Change Management

An intensive three-day course for professionals facing issues and changes in their work environment. Through this very dynamic and participative class, our change management training courses will give you details of the process, techniques and best practices for successfully managing change as well as innovation, new roles and expanding responsibilities. You will acquire the knowledge, tools and techniques for preparing changes and taking the best actions/reactions for managing uncertainty.

This change management training course discusses the need for change, available change strategies, generating buy-in for those changes, and more. The course identifies effective approaches to change, and teaches individuals how to design change plans that meet the requirements and objectives of their organisation.
This change management course will: Provide an overview of the change process, Offer techniques for preparing for change, Review the spectrum of reactions to change, Suggest methods for addressing negativity, Give suggestions for managing uncertainty.
Change Management is an organisational approach that attempts to deliver change positively and smoothly. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives.

Project Managers, Change Managers and Human Resources Roles who wish to implement a proven methodology in their workplace should complete this training course.