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DevOps Essentials

The DevOps movement believes there is a better way of building teams and software that has rapidly spread across the development and operations community. The culture of a DevOps organization and team is the heart of the movement and the most important pillar to implement. In this two day course you will explore the origins of the movement, the building blocks of Agile and Lean and the cultural changes you and your organization will need to adopt to become a successful DevOps team. In a blended mixture of theory, hands on, workshops and the use of tools such as Jenkins you will learn how to plan, organize and work in an atmosphere of collective responsibility.

This course provides an insight into the principles, added value and characteristics of DevOps. Some examples:

  • Automated Build and Test
  • Using continuous integration techniques
  • Overview of architecture approach
  • Component based architecture
  • Understand the inner workings from different perspectives
  • The use of a common language
  • Increase efficiency
  • Real-time measurements of the software
  • Supporting the DevOps strategy

  • Business analysts, project managers, business and IT consultants and architects.
  • Organizations that want to apply the principle of "Continuous delivery" in an efficient manner.