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Cold calls, easy as pie!

In this training, we work with personalized scripts and techniques for each participant to better position themselves, to bend objections more easily and to secure more appointments. During the workshop, you will be prospecting by phone using your own call list where you will be personally coached and motivated by one of our experienced trainers.

Telephone prospecting

Is telephone prospecting necessary? YES! Is telephone prospecting tedious? NO!

A highly active and results-oriented workshop with proven results!

To many salespersons, cold calls is a daunting task, and which they constantly postpone. There is no reason for this! Blinc Sales Institute developed a 3-step method that will empower every salesperson and spectacularly improve the results. In this training course, we work with personalized scripts and techniques that will help every participant position him or herself better, overcome objectives presented by his or her opponent faster and close more deals.

This workshop will include live telephone prospecting using your own call list, in which you will receive personal coaching and motivation. Blinc Sales Institute trains dozens of salespeople every day. Our team and our methods are firmly founded on psychology, with respect for every salesman or woman’s personal sales style.


Salespersons and entrepreneurs who practice telephone prospecting and want to achieve better results based on tested and personalized techniques.