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Selling to every type of customer

In this training we strengthen the sales skills that you have already built up. We work with several customer types, teach you how to screen and give you extremely practical tips to sell better to every type of customer. It is a balanced mix of practical tools, exercises and role plays. The course consists of an introductory day and 2 days of training.

Get the most out of every sales pitch

Have you noticed that you can’t always make that special connection with your customers? Have you ever wondered why not all sales pitches produce satisfactory results?

Gain practical insight into customer typology to improve sales.

Based on this insight, you will find it easier to reach customers.

You want to grow as a salesperson, because you know that you have untapped potential in this field. You have experience, but have noticed that not every sales pitch is equally effective. Blinc Sales Institute developed a method that can be used to quickly and easily make an assessment of your customer. We can show you how to persuade your customer more quickly.

In this training course, we will strengthen the sales skills you have already built up. We will explore customer typology, teach you to screen and give you highly practical tips to be a better salesman or woman. The course offers a well-balanced mix of practical footholds, exercises and role-playing games.


Sales staff who have already completed basic training and wish to develop their skills. This training course provides insight into yourself and the customer. You will learn to better connect with all types of customers in a theoretically sound manner.